Elvis-dogPut on “Love Me Tender” and get ready for today’s Happy Beginnings story! Nothing makes us swoon like a  story of how Adopt-a-Pet.com helped a homeless pet find a new loving home. (We’d love to hear yours too, and would be happy to consider it for a future blog post too! Send your Happy Beginnings story to info@cms.adoptapet.com with a photo or two.)  This week’s story is from Rebecca in North Carolina.

Rebecca writes…

Yes, I found Elvis on Adopt-a-Pet.  He was at the Waynesville Animal Shelter in Haywood County, NC.  He was thin and matted and stunk, but when I saw him I knew he had potential.  I had recently lost my Mother, my Husband and my Mother’s dog that I had cared for while she was so ill.  After a period of time I felt ready for a new companion.  The shelter worker said that Elvis had been found with a frayed collar and tag on the said “Elvis”, so that has stayed his name.  He weighed seven pounds on his first vet visit, he’s gained more now that he has settled in for almost a year now. I’m including a photo of Elvis.