This amazing Happy Beginnings story comes to us from a rescue organization that lists their pets for adoption on If you’re an adopter with your own Happy Beginnings Story of a pet you adopted after seeing him or her on, we’d love to hear from you too! Please send us an email with your adopted pet’s story and photo to ┬áNow on to Frankie’s wonderful story… a volunteer for the rescue that saved Frankie says: “A concerned person working in an apartment complex in Las Vegas, NV, made a call to A Home 4 Spot animal rescue about a dog. The dog was in terrible shape, living on a small balcony covered in his own poop. The person had witnessed the poor dog being kicked and hit with a stick when he tried to go inside the house. A Home 4 Spot reached out to one of their volunteers, LaRue, so she could do some community outreach and check on the situation. LaRue found the dog and confronted his owners. LaRue was allowed in and after speaking to the family and seeing the dogs condition, asked if she could take the dog. The family replied, yes, that they did not want him and could not afford him. He didn’t even have a name! A Home 4 Spot rescued him, named him Frankie, and started him on his journey to a new life.

Frankie was so happy he gave LaRue gave dog hugs and kisses when she went out on the balcony to save him. He went right on the leash and seemed so happy to be leaving with LaRue. He hopped right into the car, and went to sleep on the ride to LaRue’s home. Once there, she could see how horribly matted and dirty Frankie’s fur was. He had all types of debris stuck in his fur too! The next day it was off to be groomed by another A Home 4 Spot volunteer, Carol. Such a wonderful dog, Frankie sat still without fear as his coat was shaved off in clumps. A gorgeous poodle emerged. After a haircut, bath, and a nail trim he looked like a whole new dog.

Next it was off to be neutered by a local vet, vaccinated, and microchipped. Then his photos and story were listed on Soon after, a forever home saw him there! One meet and greet and his new human mom and dad were in love, and so was their current dog. Frankie now lives in a huge house with a older dog brother and a patient mom and dad. Many happy days lie ahead for Frankie!

One dog’s life totally turned around – all in 7 days because someone cared to make a call about a dog, a dog rescue was there to help, someone opened their home to foster him, and a family went to to find a new dog.

Here is a link to his YouTube Video:

A Home 4 Spots link on Adopt A Pet