You probably know by now that usually our Happy Beginnings stories come to us straight from the adopters who’ve given a homeless pet their new happy beginning. (If you have a happy adoption story thanks to, we’d love to hear from you! Email your story with a photo attached to But today we have a Happy Beginnings story direct from a rescue that lists their pets for adoption on!  Half The Way Home Rescue sent us this story about Gia & Gigi as part of their application for an Happy Beginnings Fund, which helped create more “Happy Beginnings” with grants for adoptions programs at shelters and rescues. Half The Way Home writes…

“It was Sept. and the middle of kitten season in the south.  half the way home had just completed all paperwork for set-up and was ready to help. The responsibility, results, and reality of animal rescuing lay before us…we were nervous.

I (Vicki) went to the county animal control facility, as I had done for several years, but this time was different. I could now help instead of simply plead for help.  In the isolation room, awaiting their fate, were the bite cases, eviction cases, arrest cases, feral cats, feral kittens, and orphaned kittens. I went in to see who we could help.  Smooched up against the back of the cage, behind the litter box, were two sets of tiny ears…I never saw their faces…just their ears. “I’ll take those two,” I said. The animal control officer said, “There are three of them.” “Okay, I’ll take all three then.”

Gia, Gigi, and Pixie, three little feral kittens, were now half the way home. The three kittens went to a foster mom who had retired from the Dept. of Natural Resources –a woman well-versed in working with wild creatures of all sorts. A month later, the girls were attending adoption events. Gia came to an all-day, outside art show one Sat. in November. She was such a hit! All the kids pet her and played with her. Gia was so very gentle and affectionate – nary a feral bone in her body. A young girl named Karma fell in love with her; but her mom said, “Not today, Honey”.  Mom took one of our cards and we all parted ways.

Two weeks later, we got an email from mom…she said she and Karma had been looking online at bunches of kittens but Karma just kept saying she wanted Gia!  Mom wanted to know if Gia was still available. She was. She and her sisters were set to be spayed and would be ready to go soon. Pixie had already found her home and went a couple days after her surgery. That was perfect because mom wanted to surprise Karma on Christmas with Gia and Gigi! Their foster mom kept the two girls until Christmas Eve and then delivered them to mom. Karma was not only surprised…she, Gia and Gigi were all very happy girls!

Three little feral kittens ALL the way home… what better way could we start.”