Start your day with a happy adoption smile! Here’s a story sent to us from an adopter who used’s free Search Saver email service to find their new furry friend! (Want to help spread the joy of pet adoption by sharing your happy beginnings story with our readers? Email your adopted pet story and photo to Here’s the email we received heartwarming photos from Bruce: “Hi, We lost our male Cairn Terrier about a year ago and waited to start looking for a new one and decided we should get a female. He was the “boss” over Ivan and Buddy, so I signed up for the search notification. When I got the email I forwarded it to my wife and we decided to go for her. As it turns out she looks very much like a female Cairn-mix we had for many years.  Mandy has a great personality and she has been actively exploring all over the house. She has had a few accidents but has been quick to learn what “going outside” means. When the boys head for the door, she is right there with them. She is enjoying all the toys the boys have to chew on and play with and has made a route through the rooms that she tears around at full speed daring the guys to catch her. Very funny to watch. I was impressed with the care taken by your folks for the animals and the follow-ups to make sure all was well. We are happy with Mandy and the adoption process. BTW – Both Ivan and Buddy are also adopted; Ivan at 6 months from PetSmart and I got Buddy at 3 months when I worked in Greece. He became a Texan in 2009 when he was 6 years old. Regards, Bruce.”

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