Long distance love… get ready for today’s Happy Beginnings story! Nothing makes us want to take a road trip like a story of how Adopt-a-Pet.com helped a homeless pet find a new loving home from far away. We’d love to hear how Adopt-a-Pet.com helped you adopt your pet too! Please send your Happy Beginnings story to info@cms.adoptapet.com with a photo or two.)  This week’s story is from Robin in Pennsylvania. Robin writes…

We found Polly (now Pollyanna) on Adopt-a-Pet.com last summer. We live in PA and she was in Kentucky. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and did the application. We were approved and she was transported to MD were we picked her up. The rescue organization kept in touch for the two weeks before we got her. She is now a member of the family and we love her so much!