Pru We LOVE a good adoption story, especially when helps to make that bond happen! Today, we hear from Ana who found her little Pru (formerly Sprinkles) with the help of our service. Ana writes:

“My husband and I recently got married in March and moved out to Santa Monica, CA for his job. I made one request upon the move to California – to get a puppy. The deal was made and as soon as I found a dog friendly apartment in Santa Monica, I went on where I found Sprinkles’ profile. I fell in love with her immediately and called the contact number. Tina from Little Pampered Paws Rescue answered the phone. Tina relayed the unfortunate news that someone else had claimed her. I was disappointed but continued searching. I couldn’t get Sprinkles out of my head, but luckily I got phone call two days later with great news! I picked up the phone and it was Tina calling to tell me that the other family decided they weren’t ready for a puppy and that she was all ours if we wanted her – I replied “Of course we do!” We met her that same day. As soon as I held her, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind if we would take her home – she was perfect. She came home with us that same day and we named her Pru after the Prudential Tower where my husband and I first met. Pru now lives with my husband and I in Santa Monica two blocks away from the beach and it’s true what they say: a dog makes a house a home. We are so elated that we found Pru and grateful that we were able to rescue her.”

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