Here’s a story to brighten up your day! (You can email us yours at We just love hearing from happy adopters who have used to find their new furry friend, and here’s a great one that we received via email with some wonderful photos, from Pam: “Thank you for all your efforts in helping locate and English Bulldog. You connected me to Smash Face Rescue where I adopted a lovely English Bulldog. I not longer need your services. If not for you I would not be a bulldog momma now. Please remove me from your data base. He is a picture of Sadie. I have been on many sites for about a year and a half or more. Finally I saw Sadie and fell in love. I went to Smash Face Rescue in Van Nuys and they let me take her home. I have been to a vet because she has skin problems. I got an easy lead harness as recommended by the vet and I am crate training this adult dog to be housebroken. I am really lucky. I waited so long. Now tomorrow I go into the hospital for a total hip replacement and my boyfriend promised to keep up the training. My roommate Robin will babysit Sadie and Elvis, the Pug who belongs to my boyfriend. Oh yes and Daphney the Siamese cat. We are one happy family and I am so pleased I got my wish. Here’s hoping that the housebreaking won’t take too long. I have had English Bulldogs and have done the crate training method on my last puppy. I don’t see why it would be any different for an adult dog. Sadie gets lots of attention and we love her. Here are a few pictures. Sorry I haven’t had time to pose for one with her. Too much prep for the surgery. Sincerely, Pam”

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