Ready for another happy adoption smile? We loving sharing happy adoption stories from adopters who have  used pet search and often our free Search Saver email service to find their new furry friend! Want to help spread the joy of pet adoption by sharing your happy beginnings story with our readers? Send an email to and include a photo of your pet, the name of the shelter or rescue where you adopted your pet, your city, state, and the story telling us how helped you find and adopt your pet! Here’s the email we received about gorgeous girl Sami who found her a Forever Home at last.

“Our Sami had lived in two animal hospitals and one or two homes before I saw her at Cat Tales, Inc Rescue at Petco in Warminster, PA. Her information said that the other kitties in the home didn’t like her and that she would do well in a home without other pets or young children. Having lost our beloved Rosie, a calico, to feline leukemia six months previously, our hearts were open to a new kitty, and our home met the requirements.

Sami surprises us in many ways. She doesn’t jump into boxes or laundry baskets. She “talks” to us quite often, but especially when it is getting close to meal time. In the afternoon, she often follows us upstairs, as she is convinced that it must be close to mealtime. She is friendly and likes to meet anyone who comes to the door. She will sit with us at the dinner table. She has had to go on diet food, so that she can regain her girlish figure. Her favorite toys are her red
mouse and the laser mouse that Rosie gave her. She also likes to cuddle with her Mom and Dad. – Steve & Harriet”

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