Who doesn’t love hearing happy adoption stories? (You can email us yours at info@cms.adoptapet.com.) Our day got a lot brighter when we received an email with this sweet note about a family’s newly adopted Yorkie. She found him thanks to one of Adopt-a-Pet.com’s Search Saver emails! “We lost our sweet Yorkie in early December last year and were not sure we could love another, but then you sent me the pix of a little guy picked up in the Tampa, Florida area.  He was being fostered for being underweight, flear ridden and bald!  His foster mother like my adoption application and agreed to hold him until I was back in Florida in February.  Picked him up on my birthday, Feb 12, and we have been inseparable ever since.  He gets along well with my husband and his dog, an adopted Cavachon.  Can’t imagine our lives without him!  He is now a good weight, sleek and shiny, and so happy to be our constant companion.  Keep up the great work! Sincerely,  Judy VZ”

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