Dear, I was looking for a Samoyed who needed rescuing.  My dog Zackfriend Lasky died in 2009 at the age of 17.  She was my second Sammy.  My first, Kira, lived to be 14. They are such great dogs.   I was looking casually, not rushing into another dog, but wanting the door to be open should the right dog come along.  I saw Zack on the website, inquired about him, and each step of the process, from the adoption application to picking Zack up in New Hampshire, went smoothly.  Zack has been in his new home for 5 days.  In that time he has become a smiler and a tail wagger.  He is small for a Sammy and looked like he had some other breed in his mix but, cleaned up, he turns out to be totally Samoyed, with all of the paw gestures, intelligence, manners and great temperament that is typical of Sammys.  He is very sweet.

It’s really tragic that, through the irresponsibility of humans, there are literally millions of dogs who need homes, who live desperate lives and meet sad ends.  Rescuing a dog, if you are in a position to take good care of them, is a gift not only to the dog but to the humans involved.

Baruch Z.

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