cats love cardboard boxesCats love cardboard boxes! The official Boxing Day holiday doesn’t really have much to do with cardboard boxes, and even less to do with cats, but our foster cats thought it would be fun to recognize the name of this holiday with their own feline twist! Boxing Day is an actual national holiday in Great Britian, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and a number of other countries too. It typically is the day after Christmas Day, and there are a few stories as to how this holiday got it’s start. The theme seems to be giving gifts to those that are needy. We’d like to suggest celebrating Boxing Day by helping our needy animal friends — dogs, cats, and other pets who are up for adoption in shelters and rescues. Fill up a cardboard box with goodies that will make their holiday season a little happier as they wait for their new home. The cats may enjoy the box you bring your gifts in most of all! Happy Boxing Day!