rita-rescue-catThis story is brought to us by Conscious Cat, and is about a senior cat who was put up for adoption at the age of 16. A big thanks goes out to the hard working volunteers at the Sacramento Cat Rescue. This story is about Rita, who lived with the same owner for her whole life. Then her owner decided she didn’t want Rita anymore and pulled the rug out from under the senior cat’s world. The cat’s young owner had grown up alongside Rita; she was only 4 years old when the then-kitten came home. But the young woman decided to move in with her boyfriend and his parents, who already had one cat and didn’t want more. She waited until three days before she was moving out and then contacted a Sacramento, CA cat rescue group. She said she would be leaving the now 16-year-old cat behind in an empty trailer. Follow Rita’s journey to a new home at Conscious Cat.