If your heart could talk, what would it say?  As animal lovers, our hearts would no doubt scream from the mountain tops, calling for greater compassion for all animals!  Our hearts would talk about how filled up they get from the joy our own furry kids bring us.  Our hearts would also speak about the breaking – the pain we carry for homeless pets, knowing so many still languish in shelters.  This kind of immense love we hold in our hearts for animals allows us to help them in many ways.

HeARTs Speak is an organization comprised of animal lovers who use their creative talents to help homeless pets.  By connecting artists with animal shelters and rescues groups, HeARTs Speak focuses on promoting pet adoption.  They encourage artists to use their skills to help animals in need by taking compelling photographs which often result in lives being saved!  Through beautiful, heartfelt photography and artwork, HeARTs artists and photographers are assisting shelters so that they can better market their pets to potential adopters.  These artistic efforts can lead to increased adoptions and reduced euthanasia, making HeARTs Speak artists true life-changers!  We at Adopt-a-Pet.com see it all the time: a good snapshot of a pet can better reach a potential adopter and help a furry friend go from shelter to home.

HeARTs Speak members believe in the power of collaboration.  They also believe in the power of education and communication, as they strive to inspire people to adopt their next pet and treat all animals with kindness.  Their beautiful art helps dispel the notion that shelter animals are inferior or damaged, and HeARTs Speak also advocates for a more positive and accurate image of Pitbulls!  This year they partnered up with The Unexpected Pitbull to create a gorgeous 2012 calendar full of incredible Pittie photos depicting them as the loving, loyal and wonderful dogs they are.

By providing an online community for its artist members and by giving them resources to develop their skills and businesses, HeARTs Speak makes it possible for artists to give back to their communities.  They even help find grants for artists who spend time in shelters using their gifts to feature adoptable pets in a more flattering light.  They offer financial support and programs to support these artists, keeping them able to help pets in need.

Working together and combining forces — that is what HeARTs Speak is all about.  They believe that in coming together through our collective love of animals and using our own skills to help them, we can make a more significant impact. Whether through your creativity or other gifts you possess, we can all do our part to help homeless pets. HeARTs Speak puts heart into action, and they use the power of art to effect social change.  Now that’s something that can make all our hearts sing.

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