Isn’t love what every living being wishes to find?’s spokesperson Pia explores this idea photographically post on her post this week for the The Daily Wag blog over at The fur kids in her photo gallery are a wonderful selection of the loyal souls who have both found love and been found by the fortunate adopters who now cannot even imagine life before they adopted their very own fur kids. The 23 heart-warming photos include Joey (age 6) with his rescued guinea pig Sparky, on the night of Sparky’s rescue when Joey first put him to bed. Joey was shhhing and rocking him to sleep. The moment they first met, Sparky ran to Joey and cuddled into the leg of his shorts. There’s also Bing, a beautiful blue-eyed white cat who purrs loudly as he poses with doting adoptive mom, Molly. Bing was adopted via from the Sante D’Or Foundation! There’s lots of dogs too, including our own staff superhero.

Finding love and being found to love and be loved, are among the many gifts that a rescued companion animal rewards to those who find their new best friend through adoption. For a loyal companion animal to go lost or without a home is what we animal lovers work hard to avoid. Educating others on the plight of these lovable souls and getting them seen by potential adopters is something they cannot do without our help.

Visit Pia’s blog article here to see them all!

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