husky-puppy-rehomeWhen looking to adopt a pet, what most likely comes to mind is adopting from an animal shelter or rescue. Adopting directly from a pet owner who needs to find a new home for their pet can be just as rewarding though.  Through our platform Rehome, current pet owners who can no longer keep their dog or cat can create a profile and share photos and information about their pet. These pets appear in the search results on for millions of potential adopters to see. That’s how Rita found her new Husky Delilah.

“We had lost our Husky about a month ago after a long illness.  After having her for 11 years, we really wanted another Husky,” Rita said, referencing the New Pet Alert feature which allows pet seekers to receive emails when they have a new match from their save search.

After searching for the right new dog with no luck, Rita stumbled upon Delilah’s profile rather serendipitously.

“I was out for my morning walk and talking to myself and my lost girl.  I asked her to help us find a new puppy. When I got back from my walk, Delilah’s photo was in my email from”

Within 30 minutes, Rita scheduled a phone call with Delilah’s current owner and planned a meet-and-greet for later that same day. The rest was history. “When we met her, that was it. We loved her. The original owner was very nice to work with and wanted a good home for the puppy.” 

In just a few days, Rita was Delilah’s official new owner. She signed the adoption contract, paid the adoption fee (which is used to help even more pets get adopted rather than a profit for the original owner or, and had vet records transferred to her all through Rehome. “The adoption process/platform was easy to use and I appreciated the process,” she said.

Since the adoption, Delilah and Rita enjoy lots of outdoor time together. “We walk our new girl 5 miles a day around a golf course and she meets lots of other dogs and people,” Rita said. “She gets to chase bunnies and squirrels until she uses up all that Husky energy.”

Rita also keeps in touch with Delilah’s previous owner and sends her pictures and updates weekly.

Do you need to find a new home for your cat or dog? Join Delilah’s previous owner and the thousands of other pet owners who have successfully found new homes for their pets by using Rehome. Get started here or by clicking the image below.