Purina-Dog-Content-Brand Although puppies naturally explore their world by putting almost everything in their mouths, some adult dogs out grow that behavior. Some won’t lick or kiss you even if you ask, but others like to lick and kiss all the time!

If your dog licks you a lot, she’s probably seeking your attention, similar to a dog that jumps on people. You may think this licking is lovable, but other people might view it as unacceptable. So if you want to lick a licking problem, don’t reward it with attention. Instead, get up and walk away when your dog licks you. Be very consistent and conscientious about ignoring the undesired behavior, and make sure everyone that meets her follows your no-attention-for-licking rule too. Then, reward your dog when she comes over to you without licking, with verbal praise and positive treat reinforcement. In addition, you can head off licking by redirecting your dog or puppy’s mouth on to a toy. Just be sure you give her the toy before she starts licking, so it isn’t a reward for licking. Before long, she’ll learn what behaviors get her the affection and attention she desires, and what doesn’t.