Wow the stories a dog can sniff out with his or her nose! A dog’s sense of smell provides them insight like nothing you could imagine. Just by smelling the mailbox, they can tell tons about the mailman! Our friends over at are talking about a recently published book by scientist Alexandra Horowitz, Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know,¬†which explores the life and sniffings of dogs from a dog’s point of view. She paints a sensory picture of what it might be like to be a dog. One amazing example she describes is how a person and a dog may perceive the same rose: “Each petal of the rose may be distinct (to a dog) having been visited by insects leaving pollen footprints from faraway flowers. What is to us a single stem, holds a record of who held it and when. A burst of chemicals marks where a leaf was torn… The fold of the leaf has a smell, as does a dewdrop on a thorn. And time is in those details: while we can see one of the petals drying and browning, the dog can smell this process of decay and aging.”

You can read the rest of the 5 page article here, thanks to our friends at Petcentric.

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