kitten-talkCan you tell if your cat is upset? We don’t mean angry, that is usually an easier emotion to read – but upset, as in unhappy, disappointed, or worried – or as Webster defines it, “emotionally disturbed or agitated.” Cats have many ways of telling their human caretakers that they are upset, but if you aren’t familiar with the intricacies of cat behavior and language, or if you just adopted your cat and you’re still learning to communicate with each other, it can be a bit of a challenge, and you might miss some of the clues that will tell you that your cat is upset – and miss out on being able to help them be the happy content cat you want them to be!

The wonderful Way of Cats blog writes in detail about some of the different ways cats communicate distress. Their article’s insights start out with:  “If we have a close relationship with our cat, signals get through pretty well. I know when any of our crew is unhappy; but the ways they show it will vary among different cats.” They then go on to describe the various categories and displays of upset behavior signals in their delightfully witty and enlightening way. You can read about how upset  cats use Complaining to management, Yelling for help, Catching our eye, Hanging around and Bad Behavior in detail at