Just picture it: you’re walking down the street, smiling at all the people and dogs passing by. Suddenly, you see a cat. Not a stray cat. Not a roaming kitty. But a feline wearing a harness, on a leash, proud owner behind him. Why is it so shocking or unusual to see a cat on a walk? Teaching your kitty how to walk on a leash can be a great thing! It can provide outdoor stimulation in a safe way, as well as exercise and the benefits of good ol’ fashion sunshine. It is likely easiest to teach leash walking to a younger adopted kitten, but it’s not impossible to train your older cat how to enjoy a stroll either.  If you’re interested in introducing your feline friend to leash-walks or just want to shock your neighbors, click here for tips! Our own staff tried to train their foster kitten to walk on a harness too before they, you can read & see the comical results here. Please consider seeking the help of a certified, professional, positive-based cat trainer in your area for further help and guidance. Have fun out there, and remember: you may need to remind your kitty he’s in fact a cat, and not a dog.

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