UPDATED: 11:16 am PDT, Wednesday November 7th   Many people have contacted Adopt-a-Pet.com looking for opportunities to help pets and their humans affected by Hurricane Sandy.  We can’t thank you enough for wanting to help. We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you find the right volunteer or donation opportunity for you.

Make sure to use and follow hashtag #SandyPets on Twitter for a wealth of information.

First, if you’re in a hurricane-affected area and have lost your pet as a result of the storm, we have some suggestions:

  1. Visit all of your local shelters.  We highly recommend a visit instead of just a phone call, because shelters may be inundated with lost pets, and the person you speak with may not have time to check all recently impounded pets to see if one matches your pet’s description.  Please go to the shelter and walk up and down the kennel aisles, talk to volunteers, and post lost pet flyers. Also, keep in mind that your pet may not be in the shelter closest to you, so visit as many shelters as you can. You can find a list here: http://www.adoptapet.com/animal-shelters.
  2. Call and visit all veterinary offices in your area.  A well-meaning citizen may have brought your injured pet for treatment, or brought your pet to be scanned for a microchip.
  3. Visit the Facebook page established for Hurricane Sandy Lost & Found Pets. Upload information for your lost pet, and include as much detail as possible.
  4. Post a lost pet notice on Craiglist.
  5. Create and hang lost-pet flyers all over your neighborhood and surrounding areas.  Post notices in veterinary offices, outside schools and grocery stores, and any other high-traffic areas.
  6. If finances allow, use a service like http://findtoto.com, which will blast out phone calls to every home phone in your area.  This is obviously only useful if phone service has been restored in your area, and homes are still standing and not empty.

Volunteers and foster homes are always needed, never more so than during and after a natural disaster.  Even if you live outside the disaster zone, your local shelter or rescue group may have taken in pets from shelters inside the disaster zone.  Please visit http://www.adoptapet.com/animal-shelters to find your local shelters and rescue groups, and contact them to offer your help.

State Specific Resources: (Help us add to the list.  If you know of a shelter needing help, please email us at info@cms.adoptapet.com.)

–  The Little Guild of Cornwall came to the rescue of the heavily-damaged Animal Friends of Barbour County shelter in West Virginia.  The Little Guild is bringing back 80 animals (see the article in the Litchfield County Times here) to Cornwall.  They need foster homes and donations. Please support their efforts here or call (860)868-6868.

New Jersey:
–  Kinship Circle is a remarkable non-profit group. Kinship Circle volunteers have been on the ground working directly with FEMA, in areas that have been hit. They are working around the clock to save stranded animals. Adopt-a-Pet.com worked together with Kinship Circle during Hurricane Katrina, and we can say without reservation that she is completely dedicated to the animals and those concerned about them.  Information about donating and volunteering here.
–   Alley Cat Allies is working to help the famed feral cats of the Boardwalk.  They say they’ve been overwhelmed with offers to volunteer and now have more people than they need.  You can donate to help the relief effort here.
–  The New Jersey SPCA (http://www.njspca.org/) is available to help anyone with pets needing assistance.  (Call 855)-407-4787.
–  Liberty Humane Society (http://libertyhumane.org/) was hit hard by the storm.  They need volunteers and donations of food and cat litter (and, of course, cash donations are most appreciated). Visit their Facebook page for up-to-the-minute information.
–   Morris County pet friendly hotels and shelter info – http://www.nj.com/morris/index.ssf/2012/10/morris_county_parsippany_can_t.html
Cape-Atlantic Citizens Altering The Strays (C.A.T.S.)  @ Mew To You, 959 Asbury AVenue, Ocean City NJ 08226. Phone: 609-399-4228.  “Downtown Ocean City was flooded during the hurricane and 2 feet of water came into our thrift shop which supports our cat rescue operation and our two adoption rooms.  The cats and kittens were evacuated on Monday and all are safe. We are cleaning up and have restoration people working so we can get back in operation as quickly as possible. The cats lost all their cat trees, scratchers, toys.  We need funds to help replace washer, dryer, hot water heater which were destroyed.  People can donate by going to Capeatlanticcats.com where there is a paypal link or send a check. Anyone local who can come help with the cleanup is welcome, we’re here every day from 9-5.”
Humane Society of Atlantic County contacted us on November 8th: “We had flooding throughout our entire facility and have been making repairs and replacing ruined supplies/medications since the storm, but there is a long way to go. Right now, our needs are Lowe’s/Home Depot gift cards, laundry detergent/fabric softener, paper towels, bleach, heavy-duty trash bags, hand soap/hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, canned cat food, and monetary donations.  PayPal donations can be made at http://tinyurl.com/hsacsandyfund and checks/supplies can be mailed to 1401 Absecon Blvd. Atlantic City, NJ 08401.  Thank you for your help!”
Seer Farms. Located in Jackson, NJ, Seer Farms is working with NJ’s statewide emergency animal response team to rescue animals from the devastation and keep them safe until they are able to be reunited with their families. People who have been temporarily displaced from their homes and have a pet should contact Seer Farms at email info@seerfarms.org or call 732-928-1804 if they need their animals temporarily placed. For more information or to make a donation go www.facebook.com/SeerFarms – look for the link there to their Amazon wish list for items they currently need to care and house for Sandy pets.

New York:
–   If you live in New York and left your pets behind due to the storm, call the New York City Animal Planning Task Force’s 24-hour hotline for help: 347-573-1561
–  North Shore Animal League America is providing medical care and attention to evacuated animals.  They’re also taking in animals from other shelters that have been damaged or evacuated.  Learn more here.
– Purina donated $20,000 donation to North Shore Animal League for their Mobile Rescue Units and Emergency Pet Shelter which is housing evacuated animals; and Purina donated $15,000 to “PetSmart Charities, which has set up a temporary distribution center to hand out food, litter and supplies to animal welfare organizations across the entire northeastern United States.” Read more here. http://www.petsmartcharities.org/events-news/press-releases/pci-provides-emergency-relief-to-pets-affected-by-hurricane-sandy.html
–  Another organization doing great work at the center of this disaster is The Humane Society of New York.  Donate here.
Anarchy Animal Rescue in Staten Island, NY say: “We lost our food and pet supplies in the area they were stored due to hurricane Sandy. We have over 50 animals that need help! We are asking people to donate: Food, Wee wee pads, Blankets, Beds, Leashes, collars and harnesses. Thank you!” You can contact them via Facebook at www.Facebook.com/anarchyanimalrescue to make a physical donation, offer to foster a Sandy pet, or donate funds via PayPal at www.anarchyanimalrescue.org
Byram Animal Rescue Kindness Squad, Inc  (BARKS) in Sussex County NJ.  “We are currently looking to buy a gasoline powered generator to run a facility.  Sandy has been a devastating storm that has affected hundreds of shelters and rescues in our area.  Our main shelter is still without line power 11 days into this.  Many of our foster homes are still without, while others have been restored.  This generator would be a huge deal for us, and some donations for Sandy have already come in over the internet, so we have established a fund for this project.” Donate at http://www.barksinc.com

– Westchester County residents seeking additional information can visit http://emergencyservices.westchestergov.com/animal-response-team

– Emergency veterinary services are available:
Yonkers at Animal Medical Center, 914-457-4000
Veterinary Specialty center and ER in Hudson Valley, 845.632.3200 www.vschv.com
Katonah-Bedford Veterinary Center, 914-241-7700 www.vcahospitals.com/katonah-bedford

–  Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Center is in need of foster homes to help with the vast amount of homeless pets they’ve taken in after Sandy.  See the news report here, and find information here.

–  The Red Paw Relief Team is in need of donations to continue their relief work.  They’re also posting volunteer opportunities on their Facebook page.
–  Pennsylvania’s County Animal Response Teams are hard at work.  To find out more, to volunteer, donate, and to learn about specific shelters in need of help, visit their web site.

West Virginia:
–  The Animal Friends of Barbour County sustained major damage due to the hurricane.  They are badly in need of volunteers and donations.  Visit their Facebook page for updates.