Got fosters? If you open your heart and home to pets in need, then you know that one of the biggest factors to consider is how well a foster pet will get along with other pets you may already have in your house. It is always best to do slow, gradual, and supervised introductions between animals who are strangers to one another. Over time relationships (and hopefully bonds) will develop between them, allowing you to let everyone interact freely. ¬†Watch our latest video where Turbo the foster kitten gets introduced to other kitties in his foster home’s safely enclosed catio for the very first time! It’s a great example of how a proper cat introduction can happen by following the Six Cat Introduction Steps we describe here.

It’s exciting to be a part of a foster pet’s progress, to witness them thriving and blooming with a little love! Many rescue groups count on fosters in order to save animals. If you are already a foster parent, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! If you’re interested in becoming a foster family, just¬†click here and fill out a volunteer profile. We will help match you up with a shelter or rescue group near you where you can start to get involved. There are so many homeless kittens out there just like Turbo looking for a loving foster or forever home! Can you help?

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