We can’t imagine a more perfect combination – modern design for cats and a website that supports cat adoption! That’s our friends over at Moderncat who post something new almost every day that has us mentally rearranging the furniture in our foster cat house (and our finances) to see how we could fit one more fabulous cat tree, litter box that looks like sculpture, or pod bed in! Not all their posts are uber-high-end and expensive feline furniture items. There are plenty of adorable and affordable cat toys for example, and this recent post Cats & Guitars: Jackson Galaxy’s Place Gets a Moderncat Makeover. Moderncat helped Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy (the famous cat behaviorist) “catify” his new bungalow. Not only is it super fun to see what ideas the two came up with to create highways through the space, but we loved reading how the accessorizing took some adjusting as the cats showed them what elements worked, and what (like the window shelves) needed some tweaking to accommodate how the cats used them. You can click the link above to see all the great photos and read the full story. Thanks Moderncat!

(photo of Jackson Galaxy used with permission of Moderncat)

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