One of the things that gets keeps me up at night is thinking about chained and tethered dogs. They suffer in the cold, in the rain, in the heat. They’re alone and can’t go anywhere. I’ve learned that sometimes owners who chain or tether their dogs don’t know any better. And that’s why I think the Have a Heart for Chained Dogs campaign is so brilliant. Dogs Deserve Better is an amazing organization that works tirelessly on behalf of chained and tethered dogs across the country. For the 10th year now, Dogs Deserve Better will organize their Have a Heart for Chained Dogs week with the goal in mind to send to 18,000 Valentines from chained dogs to their owners. Along with the Valentines come educational brochures for the guardians and supportive information, encouraging them to bring their pets into the home. Raising awareness and promoting proper pet care is the name of this game, and we at are proud of their efforts! Below are 3 easy ways you can participate:

1. Submit addresses. If you see a chained, tethered or penned dog, submit the address to Dogs Deserve Better! Just write down the address and either call it in at 757-357-9292 or email it to . Do not worry – you will absolutely remain anonymous!! The home will then be receiving a Valentine from the dog, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll bring their pooch into their home all because you cared enough to send in an address.

2. Make Valentines. Host a Valentine’s making party and whip up some doggie Valentines! You can use simple craft-like materials, and include a message asking from their dog asking to be brought inside. By letting people know that pets want to be welcome inside and sleep in a warm home, we hope that more dogs can be seen as family members. Then you just mail the Valentines to  Dogs Deserve Better by February 5th at 1915 Moonlight Rd., Smithfield, VA 23430. Consider making them with your kids as a fun art project! Perhaps you can even get your elementary schools involved as many others are doing it!

3. Send Stamps, Coupons, or Sponsor Valentines. This campaign has an estimated cost of $10,000, between mailing costs and supplies. Any stamps you send their way will help defray the costs, and any sponsor donations you make will go a long way toward making this campaign a reality. You can also send coupons for dog food or treats, and they include those in the Valentines. Send to the address above.

So spread the word – and spread the love. This Valentine’s let’s truly make it a better one for all the dogs who deserve it.

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