When you first hear or read the name Pinky von Petersburg, a small lap dog probably comes to mind. But this Pinky, who is November’s featured Adopt-a-Pet.com pet for adoption over at MyPetHealthGuide.com, is a smart and stunning two-year-old female German Shepherd/Malinois who deserves every letter of her regal-sounding title. When she gazes at you with those beautiful dark eyes, you’ll understand. She is available through Westside German Shepherd Rescue and you can view her full Adopt-a-Pet.com listing here.

Your typical Los Angeles native, Pinky is a confident, fun loving and outgoing pup who gets along well with other dogs. She has an even temperament and is very easy to train. Because she loves to learn new things, Pinky picks up commands quickly (after all, there’s a reason this breed is the world’s leading police and military dog!) Walking Pinky on a leash is, well, a walk in the park. She’ll even sit patiently at the corner and wait when you ask her to.

For more information and to meet Pinky von Petersburg, please use the contact information on her listing at http://www.adoptapet.com/pet4533331.html