Really, you know what the internet was made for… silly cat videos! N2 the Talking Cat is one awesome example of this phenomena, with millions of videos of his videos on YouTube. We love N2 not just for the way he makes us smile, like in his latest N2 the Talking Cat S3 Ep5 Defender Cat video, but he’s a huge supporter of pet adoption. You know we LOVE that! N2’s creator even says, “Black cats and shelter cats carry a stigma.  Many feel that they bring bad luck or that they do not make good companions in comparison to those you could purchase from a breeder.  With your support N2’s show will continue to raise awareness that adopted pets (especially the shunned black ones) are some of the most loving, affectionate pets you could ever own.  N2 is proof that a black shelter pet can make a difference in our society.” Do you not love N2 even more now? Well wait till you see what comes up at 1:38 in  his Defender Cat video – and then if you haven’t seen his most popular video yet Burrito Cat with almost 2 million views, check out the link to in the About section below the video. Thanks N2, we love you!