Animal rescue can be hard work, but it is always always always fulfilling. The backbone of rescue is fostering. Being a foster parent to a homeless pet is a great way to give back, to get involved, and to change your life for the better! By fostering you too can be a part of healing rescue dogs. Sadly every year shelters are inundated with kittens and puppies, many accidental litters due to lack of spay and neuter. This is just another reason to spay and neuter your pets: consider all the homeless babies that come into the shelter system and do your part to encourage their adoption, instead of creating more animals! Thankfully some very generous people out there volunteer to become foster parents for puppies and kitties. By fostering a family of wee ones you can do a huge act of kindness – you can literally save a whole family’s life. Many rescues cannot save puppies and kitties unless they have a foster home to help. Though it requires work and time, raising little furballs with love and ensuring their safety is the most rewarding experience. Check out this article about a foster mom extraordinaire who had one point fostered five puppies! You can also sign up to volunteer on’s volunteer registry, and select “Fostering” as one of your interests.

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