Chick Bosses CatThere are so many incredible pet-related videos on YouTube these days, it’s hard to know which ones to watch!  Here are our picks for this month’s favorite videos. #1: This chick sure knows how to boss a cat around. Have you ever seen a chickadee snuggle with a kitty? Oscar the cat seems to like it! And best of all, this content creator supports pet adoption. Watch Oscar & the chick video here. #2: Dunder is a wonderful German Shepherd boy with a family who loves to celebrate him. Don’t you wish all pets had it this good? Dunder wants everyone to find their next pet at and he has a new adopted brother to play with these days, too! Watch Dunder’s video click here.
Photo a day German Shepherd: Time lapse puppy YEAR 2. Dunder #3: Is there anything cuter than a cat and a dog playing? Yeah, maybe a rescued cat and a rescued dog playing! These two lucky pets made it out of the shelter and into a loving home. Watch then living the good life here as their mom giggles on with the video camera. Click the image below to watch Crazy Cat Attacks Dog:

Crazy Cat Attacks Dog!

If you, too, create your own YouTube videos please consider including as an annotation or in the descriptive field below the video so that you can be a part of spreading the pet adoption message.

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