We love that PeoplePets.com is helping to promote pet adoption by regularly featuring lucky, adoptable fur-balls on their popular website!  Meet Connor, the recent star they’ve chosen to highlight.  Only 2-years-old, this gorgeous German Shepherd boy is so affectionate that he loves to give hugs!  He’ll literally stand up on his hind legs and wraps his arms around ya!  Left tied up outside of Fur Baby Rescue in Downtown Los Angeles, Connor had a terrible infection in his eye. After the group took him in and had him vetted, they discovered that he had a foxtail stuck in his poor little eye!  Thankfully, they were able to remove it safely and Connor has healed up nicely.  During his stay with Fur Baby Rescue, Connor has become quite the well-adjusted stud.  Referred to as “so endearing”, this hunky pup loves other dogs and people, he’s healthy, neutered, and all-around awesome!  What Connor needs now is just a happy and loving forever home.  Please help him find one by sharing his story.  For more about Connor, click here!

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