This month, we’d like to introduce you to Southern California’s Bichon Furkids Rescue, a very special organization dedicated to saving the lives of a very special breed: the Bichon Frise (they also work with Bichon mixes and Maltese Bichons). They do a great job of it, too—although they’ve been in operation for less than a year, they have rescued and re-homed an incredible 80 dogs! Why adopt a Bichon? Explains Marti Colwell, co-founder of Bichon Furkids, “Bichons are wonderful dogs; they have an independent spirit and are intelligent, affectionate and lively. They are, by nature, happy and loving, and they respond well to training…and who can resist those adorable little faces with those huge black eyes and noses?” Marti and co-founder Mena Thiers are dedicated to making sure each Bichon goes to a wonderful home where their needs are met: “Bichons are naturally sociable,” says Marti, “and they’re happiest when they are part of a family that interacts with them a lot.”

Bichon Furkids is currently trying to find a forever home for a wonderful pair of pooches with a sad story. Casey and Bitsy (pictured) came from a home where they were neglected, never taken to a vet, never groomed, and never cared for. They slept together in a small, hard plastic crate with only each other for comfort. By the time they were lucky enough to be taken in by Bichon Furkids, both of them were suffering from terrible ear infections. Despite everything, they are affectionate, happy, playful as can be, and READY FOR A NEW HOME! They are a bonded pair, and must be adopted together. If you’re interested in being the hero who provides the happy ending to Casey and Bitsy’s story, contact Bichon Furkids!