This wonderful story comes to us from Jennifer Munch, a volunteer for
Pueblo Collie/Sheltie Rescue of Colorado:

The dog rescue group that I volunteer for, Pueblo Collie/Sheltie Rescue
of Colorado (“Collie-rado”) got a senior female sheltie from the Pikes Peak
Humane Society in Colorado Springs, about an hour north of here. The
shelter director called us directly when the sheltie came in because
this dog was old, and the director knew she would do very badly in a shelter
environment, and possibly die or never be adopted.

The director of Pueblo Collie/Sheltie Rescue, Hope Hemperly, went to get
this little dog from the shelter. Hope called me from the road and
asked me to meet her at a parking lot to get a photo of the sheltie for our
website. I took quick photos of a scared, confused sheltie as the light was
fading, with Hope holding her. This poor dog, whom we named Jade, was shaking with fear and her eyes showed confusion. She had obviously not been groomed in some time, and she had a case of “collie nose,” an auto-immune disorder.

The setting sun did not do much for the best photo either. Jade eventually blossomed into a lovely senior lady in her foster home. But the photo that ran on was my fairly lousy photo when Jade did not look her best. And yet…. a woman named Pat halfway across the country near Seattle, Washington, was looking at the website late one night. That photo really spoke to her.

Something in Jade’s expression reached out and grabbed Pat. Yup, this
has a happy ending! Jade was adopted to Pat, who has the honor of being the
adopter living the greatest distance away in our group’s 28-year history!
Jade was renamed Kelli, and Pat adores her… and even bought her
several rain outfits for the Seattle weather!

Pat is exactly the type of adopter whom we hope to find at Pueblo
Collie/Sheltie Rescue. Kelli is a true family member who is cared for
physically and every other way, adored forever and understood as her own
being. Thank you,, for helping to bring about such a love

Jennifer Munch, Volunteer