smiling-cat-JackWe love photos of smiling pets! Our friends over at Petcentric posted pics of 7 smiling pets here, and we have to agree, pet smiles are contagious! We’ve added a seven smiling dog and cat photos of our own below. Pets sometimes smile with their eyes, but in these photos we think their grins are pretty visible too! Petcentric says, “Check out their adorable warm, furry grins, and get ready to smile.¬†Whether it’s getting a new toy, taking a long walk or enjoying a little extra cuddle time on the couch, pets have a lot to smile about. The best part about pet smiles is that they make people smile, too. Check out these adorable cat and dog smiles that are sure to leave you grinning.” If you have a photo of your adopted pet smiling, why not share with other pet people to inspire them to adopt a pet too! You can do that on the Petcentric Facebook page here.














All photos above are of adopted pets taken by me, Jennifer Warner Jacobsen, Director of Shelter Programs,