How wonderful is this of our friends at Purina: If you’re 55 years or older, you qualify for a free, Purina-funded cat or dog adoption from participating animal shelters while funds are available! Just follow the three easy steps at It’s no surprise that having a pet in your life can help you feel healthy, happy and more engaged with your community. They definitely help us feel young at heart too! The impact of pets in the lives of older adults can have an exceptional impact on their health and well-being.  Seniors who own dogs visit the doctor less often than seniors who don’t. Maybe it’s because dogs help prevent and treat stress. Pets encourage playfulness, exercise, laughter, and promote social interaction. Pet owners tend to have fewer minor health problems, lower medical costs, better psychological well-being, and higher one-year survival rates following coronary heart disease. Those are just some of the important reason why Purina is funding this adoption program to make it easier than ever for adopters 55+ to welcome a new shelter pet into their home.

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