purina_one_logoWe’re so excited about Adopt-a-Pet.com’s new partner site Purina ONE.com! Beginning in a couple of weeks, adoptable pets posted on Adopt-a-Pet.com will be seen by people visiting PurinaONE.com, without any extra effort by the 10,000 shelters and rescue that post their pets on Adopt-a-Pet.com already.

The people at Purina ONE have been committed to supporting shelters and pet adoption for years, and we thank them for helping to get your pets seen and adopted!

If your organization already has  an Adopt-a-Pet.com shelter/rescue account and do not want your pets to be displayed on the PurinaONE.com site, all you have to do is login to your Admin area, visit the “My shelter/rescue info” page and uncheck the box in the “Partners” section. Otherwise, your pets will appear on PurinaONE.com automatically.

If you don’t have a free Adopt-a-Pet.com shelter/rescue account and would like your pets to appear on PurinaOne.com, you can sign up here: http://www.adoptapet.com/signup