Did you know that fostering a pet could lead to a tax deduction for you?  This is just another great reason to become a foster! Many of the expenses related to your good deed could be deducted from your 2012 federal taxes. Thanks to Jan Elizabeth Van Dusen and her landmark case, things like pet supplies and pet food, veterinary services, and even cleaning supplies can qualify as expenses for fostering dogs and cats. So if you’re volunteering with an approved organization, one that is classified as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and if you’re opening your heart and home for them, please remember that it could help you during tax-time. It’s best to keep receipts and records just in case, and it may also be useful to know that if you spend more than $250, you’ll need a letter from the organization you’re working with proving your volunteer status.

Talk to your accountant to see which of your foster expenses are tax deductible. We just love that the IRS has agreed to recognize the generous people out there who help give animals a safe, loving place until a forever home is found. We hope that more people might be encouraged to promote pet adoption, and to lend their helping paws. Do you have a happy home that could bring solace to a pet in need? Fill out our volunteer profile here and we’ll help match you up with a rescue group near you! They sure would love your help with any fostering or volunteering you might be able to provide, and all those furry friends out there will be grateful to you for your kindness. Want to see more reasons why having foster pets rocks? Click here!

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