Remodeling for PetsThinking of remodeling your home? Having your pets in mind when you make design changes to your home is something most people don’t consider, but its a chance to really make your life, and your pets’ lives much better. Think about it… how convenient would it be to have a small shower head and drain in the laundry room by the back door for easy cleaning of your dog? How about a cabinet that conceals from your view your kitty litter box? That cabinet could even host a small fan and vent above it to draw smells out of the house. What about building planks near the ceiling as cat walks to make it easier for your cats to move between rooms without getting caught under foot? There are many easy and innovate things you can do when designing a room to enhance your life and the life of your dog or cat. Think about how happy your pet will be going from being a homeless dog or homeless cat at the animal shelter, to being in a home custom built for love!

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