Any animal lover can tell you that the “dream” is to open up a farm where you can “save all the animals.” Imagine meeting a dog so wonderful that you are inspired to really make it happen. Renee didn’t know it at the time, but her search for a new dog would turn into much more than a cuddle buddy. 

It all started on a Sunday morning at 6:30am when Renee first laid eyes on her soon-to-be dog London. Scrolling through her New Pet Alert email, London’s giant ears caught her attention and captured her heart. Renee recalls what happened next. “I wake up my boyfriend and I’m shoving my phone in his face showing him the picture of this dog…and I [said], “we have to find her. We have to go today.” London was available for adoption through the Pennsylvania SPCA Lancaster Center, about two hours from where Renee lived.

When they arrived at the rescue a few hours later, Renee made a beeline for London. She remembers not wanting to look at any other dogs because she was so focused on finding London and already felt loyal to her. “I made this promise to her that I would take her home,” Renee said. 

When the two first met and had a play session with her outside, Renee says that London’s tail, “wagged a million miles an hour.” Renee could see how special London was with her loving personality and zest for life. Their connection was instantaneous. “I knew I had to take her home. There was no question about it. I couldn’t leave without her,”  Renee said. As they made their 2-hour trip back home, London fell right asleep on Renee’s lap. “I think [London] knew she was going home,” recalled Renee.

And she did know she was going home because London is settling in very smoothly. Since that first day, London’s tail hasn’t stopped wagging – she’s truly enjoying every moment of her new life. Renee is extremely impressed by the way that London can adapt to any situation – most notably with how she behaves with children. London is usually a ball of energy, but when it comes to kids, she is an overwhelmingly gentle girl. “She doesn’t jump on [kids], she isn’t rough with them. She gives their hands little kisses,” Renee said. 

In addition to spending time with children, one of London’s favorite things to do is go with Renee to the horse farm to run around while Renee rides. Renee said London, “ has a passion for horses too” and the two of them treasure their time together at the farm. London has taken a strong liking to the horses and even once jumped over a barn door into the horses’ stall to hang out with them while Renee was riding. “They always find a way to give you a heart attack,” said Renee, “but it’s a love that non-animal people cannot understand.”

This unconditional love and happiness that London and Renee give each other has inspired Renee to give back to other animals. Renee and her boyfriend are currently in the process of buying a farm where they can foster and rehab horses and dogs. “London has inspired me to be able to create a life that I have provided for her for other animals,” said Renee. With London as her driving force, she wants to take in as many animals and species as she has the ability and knowledge to help. 

London will be the perfect dog to have on the rehab farm. She has a lot of energy and can run up to eight miles at a time, so she won’t tire out of keeping the other animals company during their stay. Visitors of any age that come to the rehab farm will always receive a warm welcome from London.

Renee can’t wait to get started with the farm. She says, “it will be so rewarding and hopefully people over the years will follow up and show me their happy success stories.” Best of luck, Renee and London! 

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