Don’t you just love an inspiring rescue story? Even more so when it includes a video showing the amazing before and after… like with adorable little Sol! This is a happy video – no tissues required. Sol y Sombra an adorable little blind Maltese, was turned in by his owner to the Downey Shelter in LA County. A rescuer walked by… and saw the note on his cage: BLIND. Fortunately, he had bi-lateral cataracts that were deemed operable! The rescuer rescued him, and raised the donations needed for his surgery. It was a 100% success and his eyesight was restored!

Before his surgery, he had been afraid to venture outside, frozen when put down anywhere he didn’t know, a little lost boy… but then… Sol woke up woke up one morning with a hallelujah moment! For the first time in years, Sol could see! Now, nit only can he see… he’s learning to do AGILITY! He’s become quite the ladie’s man and jet setter! Thanks to all the wonderful caring people who aided in his rescue, rehabilitation, and total recovery, Sol went from shelter’s kill list… to Maltese A-list!

You can see the amazing and happy transformation in this wonderful video created by his rescuer, Bronwyne Mirkovich: