pet-adoption-sock Is your dog bored with her same old chew toys? Kongs, Bully sticks, and Raw Hides are excellent chew toys for your dog, and they also give your pooch something to do. Having an activity to work on keeps your pet mentally stimulated, which we all know is as important as keeping your pup physically stimulated as well. Here’s a new chew toy to try, and the best part? It’s free and easy to make! You can even make it with your kids to keep them involved in your dog’s care.

Find an old sock – the longer the sock the better. Put a treat at the bottom of the sock, then tie a knot. Put another treat above the first knot, and then tie another knot. Depending on the length of the sock, and if you still have fabric to work with, do it one more time – place a piece of treat above the second knot and tie a third knot. This gives your dog two to three knots to have to try to figure out and undo in order to get her treats! The smellier the treat you use, the more enticed she will be to undo those knots and stay focused on getting her treats. This easy to make, free chew toy will change things up, keep your canine busy, and let her work hard for her treats.

Just remember not to use the socks you’ll need to wear tomorrow 