N2 is quite the cat! He’s black and smooth. He’s charming. He’s a rescued kitty! And he’s also a rap star! Check out the catchy “Super Hero Cat“, and practice your dance moves. In this video, N2 the Talking Cat is in his preppy outfits (we love his wardrobe) when all of a sudden the time machine office chair reappears. He fuels it up with cat nip and takes off for an adventure like no other!

On top of writing songs and shooting music videos, N2 is on a mission to spread the pet adoption message as he shares his tunes and we love him for it! He’s calling on everyone to adopt their next best friend, and he’s got a special soft spot for black cats who are sadly the least of all shelter animals to get adopted. Unfortunately, many people still associate black kitties with bad luck, or assume they’re mean simply because of their color. Often dark colored pets are overlooked in shelters because their coats may not stand out as much.

But of course we love black pets as we love all animals! There is nothing wrong with them. Black felines are just as loving and lovable as any other pet. They are also fantastic because the color black is always in style, and they make you look slimmer when laying across your lap! Plus, if you wear a lot of black clothing, you’ll never see their kitty hair on your clothes. Besides, just look at N2 – he’s not only an awesome black cat, he’s also a musical genius! We’re so glad his human parents gave him a chance at the good life so that he could share his songs with all of us. Just imagine – your adopted black pet could have special talents, too!

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