TargetCW is one of those companies we just love because they totally get it when it comes to pet adoption.  A payrolling and staffing company located in San Diego, they not only advocate for homeless pets, they’ve gone ahead and implemented a company-wide program where $100 is reimbursed to any employee who adopts a pet from a shelter or rescue!  Now that’s putting your money where your heart is. TargetCW also allows their employees to bring their pets to work, helping support pet retention and keeping the work place extra loving and cuddly.   Natalie Dugger is a Senior Account Manager there and here’s what she has to say about adopting her pup, Hank, and how much she appreciates being able to bring him into the office:

“The ability to bring my dog to work has been a huge blessing!  I cannot think of a better employee benefit.  No matter what stress comes my way, my 3 ½ month old Akita/Mastiff puppy, Hank, puts a smile on my face.  I wish all companies were like TargetCW when it comes to pets!  They allow me to bring my puppy to work every day and even paid for my adoption of Hank through their pet adoption reimbursement program.  Hank was rescued through San Diego Animal Rescue and would not be in my life without a pet-friendly workplace.  Plus, I could not give Hank the attention he needs as a puppy without the ability to bring him into the office!  It’s not unusual to have a number of dogs running around the office at TargetCW, and it has been great for our employee morale.  The whole office plays with Hank, takes him for walks and even buys him toys!  He is so spoiled!  Not to mention how great it’s been for the dogs to socialize instead of being locked up all day.  Believe it or not, I’ve even been working longer hours, too!”

Please consider making your company more pet friendly!  Perhaps by participating in Take Your Dog to Work Day, you’ll get a great start for how to make the change.  Furry friends, paperwork and deadlines can mix!

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