While it’s no surprise that we believe every pet deserves to be safe and cared for, sometimes we’re touched by a story that is especially inspiring and serves to reminds the world of exactly how amazing animal rescue is.  Tessa’s story does just that. You remember Tessa. She was a blind and without the ability to walk. But with a little tender love and the support of this wonderful community of animal lovers, Tessa is starting a new chapter in her life.  And this chapter is one that is destined to be filled with happiness, as Tessa has officially been adopted into an awesome family that is just as thrilled to be a part of her life as she is to be saved.

Here’s a note we received from Annie Hart, Executive Director of Bill Foundation who spearheaded the effort to save this angel:

On January 10th of this year, I posted on Facebook and asked for our village’s help rescuing a blind dog named Tessa from the shelter. Little did I know that this rescue would not only change the life of a dog, but an entire community.

The moment I rescued Tessa I knew there was more going on with her than just being blind. She was a shell of a dog; confused, painfully scared and she wouldn’t stand up or take even one step. We discovered that Tessa had hydrocephalus (fluid in her brain) and vertical nystagmus, which caused her to feel dizzy. Her prognosis was quite poor and her doctors didn’t think she would ever walk again, let alone regain her vision.

With the support of our village, we took a leap of faith, began medical treatment and physical therapy, hoping to help Tessa find a way to live.

Every progressive “step” Tessa took, our village cheered her on. They prayed for her to health and the celebrated each milestone.  When her video came out, they helped us by sharing it far and wide for more than three months hoping that one share would lead to that perfect family.

On May 3rd, Tessa and I attended a “Specially Abled Pets Day” event held by our friends at Two Hands Four Paws. There we met a couple, who had seen Tessa’s video through a newsletter someone had sent them. There was an instant connection between Tessa and the woman, and not just because they had matching hair.

As they left, I turned to my friends and said, “Gosh, I really hope they fill out an application”. My friend agreed, they were amazing and might be exactly what we had been waiting for.

They did fill out the application and it was perfect for Tessa. A retired couple with 2 dogs and a cat of their own, plenty of time to dedicate to caring for Tessa, along with past experience caring for a special needs dog. So, Tessa and I began “dating” this new family and for the past few weeks we have slowly been integrating her into their home. Baby steps so that the transition is easier on Tessa.

Well, Today is the big day! Tessa will officially begin her new life with her adoptive family!

Thank you to everyone who has shared Tessa’s story and all those who donate to Bill Foundation. It is because of you that our rescues are possible. And a very special thank you to Adopt-a-Pet.com for their partnership in finding homes for abandoned animals and for helping us share Tessa’s story with the world.

While it took a village to find Tessa a home, it took a very special blind dog to bring this village together.

We are so happy for Tessa and her new family!  Thank you to everyone who helped Tessa by watching her video, sharing her story, or donating to an animal welfare organization that helps animals like Tessa be given the chance they deserve. And of course, thank you to Annie Hart for turning Tessa’s life around and for sharing a story that will inspire others!