If your like many of us, keeping in shape often becomes a tireless and frustrating task. We all know the benefits of exercise and eating healthy. The tricks and secrets being sold in diet plans are numerous. But, have you ever consider that adopting a dog will help improve your health, and drop a few extra pounds?

Puppies are like kids, they bounce around all day learning things, getting into trouble and having fun. Just like a kid, puppies need to burn off all sorts of energy everyday and get plenty of exercise in order to grow into healthy adults. Playing, training, walking and running with your new puppy are all activities that will get you up and moving. Plus, if you adopting a dog you’re saving the life of an animal who otherwise may not have been given the chance of having a loving owner.

Studies have shown owning a pet can reduce stress which will help reduce heart disease, promote family bonding, and reduce loneliness. Turn an otherwise mundane task into an exciting one, your newly adopted pet will pour out lots of love in return! Does a treadmill do that?