valetine's dog and cat
We all know that February is the month of love. Valentine’s Day is pretty unavoidable, by January 2 we are already seeing red and pink hearts splattered around all over our favorite stores. Rom-coms suddenly start to pop up in our Netflix recommendations and flowers are inexplicably 200 percent more expensive than they were a month ago.

Some of us relish in this holiday and love having an extra reason to dote on your significant other, but what if you don’t have a significant other or would rather just not spend weeks stressing over the right way to do Valentine’s Day? A few years ago we invented Galentine’s Day as a way to celebrate with you girlfriends when you are partnerless, but how about Pawlentine’s Day?

Pet’s are the most loyal and loving little fur balls in our lives and when we really think about it, they make much better Valentine’s Day dates than any human out there. Check out all the awesome benefits of asking your pet to be your Valentine.


  1. Your dog will never be late for your date, won’t have high expectations about how the night should go and won’t be distracted by a cell phone or social media! All your pet truly wants is to be near you.
  2. You don’t have to share your dessert with a pet (and probably shouldn’t). Let’s face it, dessert (especially chocolate) really is the best part about Valentine’s Day and if we’re really honest with ourselves, we don’t want to share our goodies. Giving your pets dessert would literally make them sick, so you don’t have to feel guilty about hoarding all the sweets. Sit back and enjoy that box of See’s, but maybe throw Fido an extra piece of cheese so he doesn’t feel left out.
  3. You don’t really need to buy you pet anything for Valentine’s Day. Your little fur ball will be perfectly content with some snuggles and an extra walk or some catnip. It works out well if you’re on a budget.
  4. If words aren’t really your strong suit you don’t have to worry about saying “I love you” in a fancy way. Just give your cat a long slow blink and she will know exactly what you mean.
  5. Your dog, cat, bunny — or whatever other critter lives in your household — will be happy to spend the night in, watching a movie and snuggling. A big bonus to that is, you won’t have to argue over what movie to watch.