Since it is 3/13 today we decided to write about something a little out-of-the ordinary: a pet psychic! Or as she calls herself more officially, and animal communicator. It is one of the Mean Kitty videos, a fun series of videos on Petcentric who’s purpose is, says feline stars Sparta and Loki, “To remind us all that pets aren’t just a piece of furniture in our homes… even though they can look that way sometimes. : ) We’ll show you new ways to love your pets by simply spending a little more time with them each day.” They are both adopted rescue cats and their person Pete has a great sense of kitty humor that makes them a lot of fun! Plus Sparta and Loki are absolutely riveting to watch of course. But let’s get back to the Pet Psychic video <– you can click the link to watch it on Petcentric. The famous pet psychic visits and communicates with Sparta and Loki. Laura Stinchfield. Even if you are a sceptic, it’s pretty amazing to watch the surprizing answers the cats have for some of Pete’s and Laura’s questions!

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