We are thrilled to be helping sponsor the 2012 Unexpected Pit Bull calendar! For almost ten years now this calendar has brought gorgeous pictures of Pit Bulls that melt hearts into thousands of homes. Capturing their playfulness, sweetness and loyalty, The Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar celebrates what we all love about Pit Bulls. This nonprofit organization creates, markets, and sells merchandise focusing on Pit Bull dogs. All of their profits go right to Pit Bull rescue, education, and advocacy organizations that are in need of support.

This time around, the calendar is in collaboration with HeARTs Speak, an organization made up of artists who work to improve the lives of animals in need. We at Adopt-a-Pet.com know that a compelling photograph can make all the difference in saving an animal’s life; a good snapshot can reach a potential adopter and help get a pet in need from shelter to home! We’re happy this calendar will help debunk the many Pit Bull myths out there, and help illustrate stories of Pit Bulls who share their lives in peace and harmony with people and other animals. Together we hope to inspire a better understanding of these dogs and combat the negative stereotypes that are unfortunately often held against them.

The Unexpected Pit Bull aims to keep Pit Bulls with the people who love them, and to fund legal, rescue, advocacy and education initiatives for these great dogs. They also plan to keep creating delightful calendars that every Pit Bull owner and lover can relate to and be proud of!. We plan to help them keep doing it!