So you’ve adopted a dog but aren’t sure how to begin the relationship or how to train him. The Zoom Room is a cool new place to check out! This positive-based indoor dog training facility is great for building confidence in your dog as you teach him to master skills. They’ve got puppy training, obedience classes, agility training, tricks classes, shy dog class, scent work and more – all designed to help you learn about your dog and improve canine behavior. These classes are a great way to enhance communication between you and your pup and strengthen the bond. Oh, and did I mention The Zoom Room also rents out the facility for parties and doggie discos?! Now you and your pooch can groove to some 70’s music together on a Friday night!

Best of all, The Zoom Room supports pet adoption. They donate treats, toys and food to local animal shelters and always encourage adoption in their centers. They also donate classes to rescue dogs in an effort to help more dogs get ready to for adoption into happy homes, making the transition from alone to adopted even easier. Enrolling in a weekly class is a good way to train and rehabilitate shelter dogs who might need it, and to increase adoption retention in the home.

If you’ve got a local Zoom Room in your area, they’re open for hosting dog adoption events, microchip clinics, and fundraising events. They’re also pretty eco-friendly, selling green dog products and using recycled materials in their building design, products and practices. We’re so glad The Zoom Room is working with to promote pet adoption, help more dogs lead happier lives and to reduce the number of homeless pets!