pet-rescueThis post is originally from The Daily Wag at and is written by our own Pia Salk. At the beginning of this year, the nation watched on pins and needles as a stranded dog was saved from drowning in the overflowing Los Angles River. Nature doesn’t discriminate among those she affects, and thankfully, neither did the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The dog rescued in that brave effort has become known in the many follow-up stories in the media as Vernon, after the area where he was found. Over 1,000 people have inquired about adopting Vernon. [Update: Vernon, actually named “Spikey” was claimed a few days later by his elderly owner at the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority animal shelter in Downey.]

While I am truly heartened by the public outpouring of support for Vernon, my mind naturally drifts to the millions of “Vernons” whose lives are equally endangered on any given day in city shelters. Each has a story of his or her own, and each hopes to survive long enough to end up safe and happy. But without the kind of drama and attention like that surrounding Vernon’s plight, they don’t have hundreds of potential adopters lining up to take action.

As I continued to catch clips of the rescues coverage, I was pleasantly surprised- and again proud- that… read the entire post here.