ChooseMeLast week asked to help with some advice when your kids start asking for a new dog. For those new to Mamapedia, it is a website that connects moms and gives them a voice to share advice on everything moms need from parenting, health, family, finance, pregnancy, to nutrition and more. Here’s what moms everywhere can keep in mind when looking to adopt the right dog for their family.

First, look for a dog whose energy level matches your lifestyle. If you’re a couch potato or have a very busy schedule without extra time each day to take a dog for a run, look for an older dog with lower energy levels. If you’re looking for a jogging companion, make sure you adopt an athletic dog with lots of energy. If you already have a dog or cat, make sure the dog you’re interested in likes other dogs/cats. It’s essential to learn which dogs are good with children if you have a family, and look for more hypoallergenic breeds if you have allergies. Also, think about the amount of training you want to put into your new dog. Puppies are cute, but take a lot more time, experience, patience, and energy, while adult dogs (2 years and older) are usually calmer, less destructive, and may already be house-trained.

Many people know about the pet overpopulation crisis, and want to be a part of the solution by adopting their next pet. Often folks want to adopt, they just don’t know how to do it best. As a staff member of and a longtime volunteer in the Los Angeles shelter system, I’ve… Read More At