hot-dog-tipsWe love Summer! With warm temperatures, sunshine on our faces, and social events galore this season has a lot of great things to offer, but there are also some potential dangers lurking for pets in warmer months. Do you know how to keep your pets safe? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Our mini Summer-Safety roundup guide has the basics you need for a fun and safe season with your best friend!

Click the links below to read more about how to keep your pets safe this summer with tips about heat, paws, pavement, fireworks, and more!

Summer Heat Safety for Pets: Check out some tips on how to keep your pet cool during walks, preventing heatstroke, and some guidelines about pets in cars.

Protecting Paws from Hot Pavement: Did you know when the air temperature is outside is measured at 77 degrees, asphalt in the sun has been measured at 125 degrees. Read more about pavement temperature and how to keep your dogs feet safe.

Summertime Pet Safety: Make sure you pet is safe from danger during all your summer fun.

Keep your Pets Safe this Summer:  Read up on some of the most important tips on proper summer pet care

Fireworks and Fourth of July Safety: You may live for the Fourth of July light shows, but your pet is likely dreading them. Here you’ll find some tips on how to keep him safe and ease the anxiety.


This story was updated from it original version, published on July 16, 2014.