MyLifeOnTheD-ListFabulous A-List (in our book, anyway) actress and comedian Kathy Griffin is an animal lover with a huge heart.  So when her beloved 12-year-old dog Chance passed away recently, Griffin was absolutely devastated.  Her other dog, Pom Pom, was also grieving, so Kathy decided to add a new member to her family.  Always one for fashion AND compassion,Kathy wanted to adopt her new dog from a shelter or rescue group.

Choosing the right companion for herself and Pom Pom was daunting. As Kathy so eloquently put it, “I want to save the right dog, and I need the right dog to save me.”  So, on the most recent episode of Griffin’s series “My Life On The D-List”, a panel of experts was assembled, including’s own Katya Friedman, who introduced Kathy to three wonderful dogs.  See the heartwarming (and hilarious) meeting here.  The adoption story begins about 40 seconds in, and Katya, of course, is the one wearing the t-shirt!